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DPDR bracelet on grey wood background

Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder Gemstone Bracelet

* 6mm genuine lepidolite, kunzite, black obsidian, moss agate, sodalite, blue tiger eye, and dumortierite gemstones

* Stretch bracelet

* Handmade (& reiki charged/cleaned) in the UK

* Ready to gift


Depersonalization/derealization disorder involves a persistent or recurring feeling of being detached from one’s body or mental processes, like an outside observer of one's life (depersonalization), and/or a feeling of being detached from one's surroundings (derealization).



Black Obsidian
* grounding
* re-directs us back to the present/reality 


* clears confusion

* stops detachment

* clears a scattered mind


Blue Tiger Eye
* sharpens the senses
* helps with detachment
* reduces stress
* shows us the big picture 


* mood stabilising
* calms the mind
* soothes anxiety & racing thoughts
* slightly lower lithium content


* mood stabilising
* calms the mind
* soothes anxiety & racing thoughts
* high natural lithium content


Moss Agate
* grounds us within nature
* cleansing energy
* awakens perception & awareness


** Your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

** Please keep this bracelet out of reach from very young children, as it may cause a choking hazard if placed in the mouth**

**All gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

**This bracelet is not intended to replace medical aid, but rather as a complementary aid that works with standard 'western' medical help**

    TVA Incluse
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