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dyslexia and dyscalculia bracelet on grey wood background

Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Gemstone Bracelet

* 6mm genuine rose quartz, black tourmaline, sugilite, and malachite gemstones

* Stretch bracelet

* Handmade (& reiki charged/cleaned) in the UK

* Ready to gift


Dyslexia is a neurological difference and can have a significant impact during education, in the workplace and in everyday life. As each person is unique, so is everyone's experience of dyslexia. It can range from mild to severe, and it can co-occur with other learning difficulties. It usually runs in families and is a life-long condition.

Dyscalculia is a specific and persistent difficulty in understanding numbers which can lead to a diverse range of difficulties with mathematics. It will be unexpected in relation to age, level of education and experience and occurs across all ages and abilities.


* extremely beneficial in helping to aid with learning challenges such as dyslexia & dyscalculia
* assists in retaining information, and with memory
* helps with comprehension 
* balances & reorganises brain activity

* helps to draw out energy blockages that also cause physical issues with learning


Black Tourmaline
* helps to ground & focus when dealing with physical challenges


Rose Quartz
* surrounds the wearer with an abundance of loving energy & complete acceptance 
* eases emotions
* promotes complete acceptance
* soothes frustration, anger & sadness


** Your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

** Please keep this bracelet out of reach from very young children, as it may cause a choking hazard if placed in the mouth**

**All gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

**This bracelet is not intended to replace medical aid, but rather as a complementary aid that works with standard 'western' medical help**

    IVA inclusa
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