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Bereavement Support Gemstone Bracelet

Bereavement Support Gemstone Bracelet

* Made with 6mm genuine rhodochrosite, angelite, lepidolite, black onyx, and amethyst gemstones

* Stretch Bracelet

* Handmade ( and reiki cleansed/charged) in the UK

* Ready to gift

* Free UK shipping within 3-5 working days


Bereavement is a state of loss that occurs when someone close to an individual has died. It is one of the greatest sorrows that can occur in one’s life. People’s responses to grief will vary depending upon the circumstances of the death, but grief is a normal, healthy response to loss.


* Provides gentle calming emotional support that allows for the release of sadness


* Helps with the expression of grief by amplifying a sense of connection with those that have passed


* works to counteract negative feelings & emotions (anxiety/stress/feelings of disarray).

* emits overall sense of calm

* helps deal with overwhelm of panic & angst



* works one to one with anxiety that comes up as a result of grieving process

* seeks to show positives in everday situations

*mood stabiliser helps to navigate grief on a day to day basis


Black Onyx

* facilitates inner strength needed in order for transformation to occur

* doesn't dwell on the past

* very focussed on the future

* amplifies our inner strength to enable us to make it out the other side


**Your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

**Please keep this bracelet away from small children as it may cause a choking habit if placed in the mouth**

**All gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

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