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How to Use and Look After Selenite Crystal

If you own one (or more) of LepidoliteMoon's healing gemstone Bracelets, then you've also become the owner of a piece of selenite, but what exactly is selenite, how do use it and what other benefits does selenite have? read on to find out!

Selenite is a major powerhouse in the crystal world, together we'll explore just how amazing and versatile it really is.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a variety of crystal from the Gypsum family, most commonly, it is translucent white in colour with its' name coming from the Greek goddess Selene - goddess of the moon.

Benefits of Selenite


Many in the crystal community rave about how keeping a piece of selenite near your head helps to neutralise the intensity and duration of insomnia thus bringing peaceful rested slumber soon after. Selenite works by calming and clearing first the physical space i.e. the room, followed by the headspace creating an environment that's just perfect for a good nights sleep.


Although selenite is predominantly a white stone, it's also a natural protector that places a shield around its' user protecting from both mental and physical attacks that aim to disrupt the users balance of energy. Selenite absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive during the release of energy to the user.


Known for going deep into the subconscious mind, selenite targets undesirable energies that are causing an imbalance in daily life. Selenite unblocks the chakra system as a whole when used for meditative purposes.

"Selenite promotes a peaceful environment by cleansing negativity in all forms..."

Properties of Selenite


Seeks to bring yin/yang or hemispheric balance by aligning both sides through the process of manifestation and eradication of imbalance. Selenite promotes the easing of stress and worry along with mental balance.


As selenite is a high vibrational crystal, when working on the chakra, selenite aids the acceleration of spiritual growth by multi-targeting not just one but three chakras: the third eye chakra, crown chakra and the lesser talked about 8th chakra, the soul star chakra.


known most commonly as a stone of peace, tranquillity and calmness, selenite loves anything that promotes the advancement of spiritual growth. Selenite provides enlightenment in the form of the 'bigger picture', aiding with insight and wisdom from above the human plane, and aiding with communicating with the angelic realm.

Selenite Wands

These wands are often referred to as 'liquid light' and even better, they are the most natural and unrefined variety of selenite having had hardly any man-made work done to their appearance. Selenite wands are energy conductors, easy to start using; making them perfect for beginners up to qualified energy healers.

Natural selenite wands take centuries to form making the larger versions more expensive than the smaller options, but that's not to say that bigger is better when using selenite as even the smaller options pack a punch when it comes to healing work.

Uses of selenite wands include auric cleansing - do this simply by running the wand over the aura and allow the wand to do its' thing, scanning for imbalances or negative energy to be rebalanced. Smaller/flatter pieces of selenite can be placed beneath your pillow while it works on the subconscious whilst you sleep.

How to Cleanse your Selenite wand

After reading about all that selenite will do for you, it might leave you questioning "how do I cleanse all this built-up energy?". Well, the good news is that selenite is self-cleansing and doesn't really need anything, although it does love time spent playing with the user if you do choose to give it a helping hand. The simplest and best option is to simply place it under the light of the full Moon (once a month)

How do I cleanse my other gemstones with Selenite

The high intuitive nature of these crystals means that selenite can be used to cleanse and charge other gemstones. Put simply, place your other gemstones like your LepidoliteMoon bracelet on top of your selenite for a few hours or overnight for easiness and let the high vibrational energy of selenite do the rest. Charging plates and bowls can be used for more items to be cleansed at once as similarly a large wand can for bracelets.

Feel like giving your auric field a boosting cleanse ready for 2022, we now stock larger selenite wands from 8cm upwards here

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