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The Healing Power of Lapis Lazuli

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

A "feel better" stone that brings vitality, wisdom, creative expression and mental endurance.

Lapis lazuli promotes one's natural gifts and skills and aids with disorganisation. On a physical level, lapis lazuli is thought to be good for insomnia, and dizziness/vertigo.

The Amazing Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Throughout the ages, Lapis Lazuli has been viewed as a stone of royalty between powerful kings, queens, dukes, and pharaohs. Our belief in the popularity of this stone was due to its untapped power.

These individuals were secretly aware of the powerful effect Lapis Lazuli could have on the brain. Through deep meditation, they were able to understand their thoughts and sculpt their actions based on the knowledge that Lapis Lazuli provided them.

Lazurite, the main mineral component of Lapis Lazuli is a high vibrational stone. It opens up our third eye, promoting ascension, higher knowledge, and truth-seeking. These attributes combined with other mineral impurities (such as Pyrite, Calcite, and Sodalite) are all capable of reigniting different traits of who we are.

For example, Pyrite inclusions in Lazurite assist in both processing your thoughts and manifesting them into reality.

The Calcite variations will help awaken the mystical energies that lay dormant inside of you.

Sodalite will bolden your mental insight to provide a true understanding of how your thoughts are connected to your emotional body. Ideas are a powerful vibration that we emit and when we understand where they are coming from, we can begin to control them.


Planet – Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn

Zodiac – Sagittarius/Aquarius/Pisces

Elements – Wind

Chakras – Third Eye/Throat


Dreams, Balance, Intuition, Inspiration, Clarity, Communication, Mediation, Past Lives, Luck & Good Fortune, Knowledge, Ascension, Truth, Higher Self, Wisdom, Expansion, Insight, Inner Vision, Angelic Communication, Inner Peace, Communication with Higher Realms, Communication with Guides, Interdimensional Communication, Trust, Lucid Dreaming, Balancing Polaritites

Final Thoughts...

Lapis lazuli is good for relaxation, relationships on all levels, dream, balancing yin/yang energies, alleviating depression and accessing all psychic abilities.


Kiri xx

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