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Exploring the Healing Properties of Tourmalinated Quartz

Updated: May 11

Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz which has stripes of Black Tourmaline inside it.

piece of tourmalinated quartz on white background

This combination embodies both the energy of Black Tourmaline and the strong vibration of Clear quartz crystals, which amplifies the Tourmaline’s protective and grounding energy.

The Amazing Benefits of Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz encourages a large amount of healing light to encase your body, they have a strong spiritual grounding energy as well as being powerful psychic protection stones.

  • Promotes grounding

  • Protects you against negative energies (amplifies protection)

  • Helps you to release stress and promote peace and calming

  • Cleanses and balances your mind, body, and spirit

  • Aid in promoting self-love and self-acceptance

  • Encourages physical healing

  • Balances the energies of the subtle body (chakras, kundalini, meridians, etc.)

close up of black tourmaline in quartz


Planet – Earth/Mercury Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto

Zodiac – Aquarius/Aries/Cancer Capricorn/Gemini/Leo/Libra/Pisces/ Sagittarius/Scorpio/Taurus/Virgo

Elements – Storm/Earth

Chakras – Crown/

Third Eye/Throat/Heart/Solar Plexus/Sacral/Root


Anxiety Relief, Breaking Addictions, Claiming Wholeness, Chakra Cleansing, Compassion, Clairvoyance, Empathy, Creating own Reality, Energy Transfer, Dispelling Negative Energies, Expanded Awareness, Living in the Present, Mastering Fear, New Beginnings, Peace of Mind, Sense of Purpose, Spiritual Awakening

Final Thoughts...

The Tourmaline included within the Quartz helps activate and open your root chakra, enabling the body and mind to connect to Mother Earth. One can rejuvenate their physical body while also relinquishing negative thoughts or ideas within the mind. The Quartz only enhances this effect and can instantly elevate one’s consciousness and mental understanding of the world. Sometimes, an external reminder is needed to realign your values and decide if the path you're currently on is the correct one.


Kiri xx


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