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The Meaning of Crystal Colours: A Guide to Understanding their Symbolism

Updated: May 11

pastel rainbow background with pink words "crystal colour therapy" on top

Over the last 12 months, we've covered a lot of different crystals and how they can each aid with our personal journeys, but did you know there's an easier way to find the right crystal/gemstone for your needs.

As a basic rule of thumb, dark brown and black crystals are for grounding and stabilising, reds/oranges and yellows energise and stimulate the physical body and uplifts the emotions. Pinks and greens aid with healing the heart and your emotions whilst blues are for self-expression, intuition and spiritual consciousness. Purples aid with calming, meditative states and sleep and finally clear and white crystals are for spiritual ideals, energy and purity. So, lets delve deeper into how these colours benefit our everyday lives.

Crystal Colour Psychology...

Before there was colour psychology as a field, colour was being used for centuries as a method of treatment as early as 2000 BC. The ancient Egyptians documented colour "cures" using painted rooms or sunlight shining through crystals as therapy. One of the earliest medical documents, the Nei Ching, documents colour diagnoses associated with colour healing practices.

brown background with black words giving quick information on grounding and stabilising

Black invokes feelings of protection, comfort, strength, sophistication, endings & new beginnings with a deep need to protect our emotional insecurities, whilst brown is usually associated with resilience due to its earthy tones. Brown is seen as providing safety & security, reminding us of our connection to earth, family & home, inspiring warmth & comfort, helping to keep us grounded. Examples of black & brown crystals include, black tourmaline, black onyx, smoky quartz, and golden tiger eye.

light red background explaining red and orange use for energy and strength

Red represents passion, warmth & sexuality, on the contrast; it also stands for danger, violence & aggression. Red is seen as invoking enthusiasm, confidence (optimism), passion & being charismatic.

Orange offers shelter in tough moments, bringing a high level of positivity & rejuvenation. Orange is a sociable colour, made for the extroverts & adventurous creatives.

Red and orange crystals include, garnet, strawberry quartz, and carnelian.

yellow background with short explanation for joy and optimism

Yellow is associated with confidence, optimism, & cheerfulness. It represents good communication & perfectionism, independence & emotional stability. Happiness is always one of the first words conjured up when thinking about yellow, followed by hope & enthusiasm.

Yellow toned crystals to explore include, citrine, mookaite, sunstone, and serpentine.

pink background with how pink energy helps healing of the heart and emotions

Femininity (although in Japanese culture, it is seen as a masculine colour). Love specifically as this is a diluted form of red (passion) & nurturing, innocence, optimism & calmness.

Some of my favourite pink crystals include, rose quartz, kunzite, and morganite

light green background with how to use green to heal heart and emotions

Green represents natural environments, it promotes a restful & relaxing mindset. Associated with harmony, tranquillity & peace, green is soothing during moments of endurance & times of instability. Green promotes growth, renewal, optimism, balance & hopefulness. Green crystals to work with are Aventurine, anyolite, and moss agate

pale blue background explaining how blue aids with self-expression, intuition and spiritual consciousness

Peace & calm are 2 of the first words that come to mind when people think of the colour blue, its a colour of serenity, order & tranquillity whilst remaining non-aggressive. Blue tones promote trust, dependability, mental stimulation, confidence, loyalty & is often used to described introverts. Blue crystals to add to your set include, kyanite, apatite, and angelite

purple background with words explaining how purples can aid with calm, sleep and meditative states

Being a mixture of red & blue, purple adopts its associations of power, ambition & luxury from red & relaxation, stability, wisdom & sense from blue. Purple imparts a sense of mystery, curiosity, creativity & passion to fulfil new ideas. Purple also has been noted to have a calming effect on both the mind & body. My purple crystal recommendations obviously have to include lepidolite, along with phosphosiderite and sugilite.

white background for white and clear energy for spiritual ideals, energy and purity

White suggests goodness, purity & innocence, white reflects back all that comes its way, just like the way that clear quartz is a master healer and amplifier. White promotes simplicity, optimism, clarity & idealism. Rounding off the different colours, we can't ignore clear quartz or selenite especially when teamed up with moonstone.

Whilst a big part of working with crystals based on the colours we are drawn to, is to remember these typically are the ones our conscious needs us to work on, its also a good idea to take note of the colours we feel repelled/pushed away from as sometimes it's down to the subconscious warning us to not focus in that direction, but often it's an area that we may feel we're not ready to work on just yet but need to investigate in the near future.

The parting thought is to remember to have fun and connect with the crystals that make you the happiest!!

blog sign off with words "namaste, Kiri xx"


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