Angelite heart shaped meditation palm stone

Angelite heart shaped meditation palm stone

Natural Angelite Heart Shaped Meditation Palm Stone, undrilled, measures approx 24x25x11mm. sold individually.


Angelite is associated with peace, unity, truth and compassion. It is said to encourage contact with angels and spirit guides as well as enhancing spiritual connections. Angelite is also believed to dispel fear and anxiety, replacing them with tranquillity.

Angelite is a very high vibrational stone that activates and aligns our throat, third eye, and crown chakras. This stone will help attune oneself to a higher frequency, which helps connect both their guardian angels and spirit guides. Using this stone as a meditation tool will help transmit and vocalize (into the physical plane) the knowledge in which you absorb through the third eye and crown connection.


For using gemstones during mediatations, look out for our blog post coming soon.



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