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generalised anxiety disorder bracelet on grey wood background

Generalised Anxiety Disorder Gemstone Bracelet

* 6mm genuine clear quartz, obsidian, sodalite & lepidolite gemstones

* stretch bracelet

* Handmade (& reiki charged/cleansed) in the UK

* ready to gift


Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a mental and behavioural disorder, specifically an anxiety disorder characterised by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about events or activities. Worry often interferes with daily functioning, and individuals with GAD are often overly concerned about everyday matters such as health, finances, death, family, relationship concerns, or work difficulties. Symptoms may include excessive worry, restlessness, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, irritability, sweating and trembling.


Clear Quartz

* master healer

* energy amplifier

* rebalances effects of anxiety & stress



* mood stabiliser

* lithium rich

* brings us back to present state



* incredibly calming

* alters frequency of throat chakra

* emotions become easier to manage

* anxiety levels (& triggers) reduced



* absorbs negative energy (anxiety & panic attacks)

* protection

* expels emotional blockages at a subconscious level

* helps us rethink negative mindsets


** your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

** please keep this bracelet out of reach from very young children, as it may cause a choking hazard if placed in the mouth**

** all gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

** this bracelet is not intended to replace medical aid, but rather as a complimentary aid that works with “western” medical help**

    VAT Included
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