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Mental Strength Gemstone Bracelet

Mental Strength Gemstone Bracelet

* 6mm genuine hemimorphite, lodestone, lava rock and sunstone gemstones

* Stretch bracelet

* Handmade (& reiki charged/cleansed) in the UK

* Ready to gift


* aids in grounding the wearer
* makes you feel safe (stabilises)
* aids in connecting you to the earth

* increases focus & concentration

* sparks enthusiasm

* creativity

* concentration


Tiger Eye
* aids motivation
* lessens fears


Black Tourmaline
* provides protection
* promotes inner strength



* soothing energy

* opens both the heart & throat chakras


**Your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

**Please keep this bracelet away from small children as it may cause a choking habit if placed in the mouth**

**All gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

    VAT Included
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