Pink Cornflower & Himalayan Salt Bath

Pink Cornflower & Himalayan Salt Bath

Lessen feelings of an anxious mind with our custom blended dried pink cornflower and pink Himalayan bath salts. 

We only use unrefined natural Himalayan rock salts, ethically mined from the Himalayan mountains which are packed with 84 essential minerals including zinc and magnesium.


Himalayan salts help to stimulate the calming effect of laying on a warm saltwater beach, easing joint pain, melting away the stresses of the day, reducing fatigue and improving emotional health.


Pink Cornflower aids in lessening anxious feelings, easing joint and muscle stiffness and soothes irritated skin

  • How To Use

    Add roughly 1/3 or 4-5 spoons of bath salts to running hot water and let dissolve for 2-3 minutes. Add cool water to reach desired temperature and then allow the pink cornflower to mix with the healing benefits of the Himalayan salts to lead you towards a less anxious mind

VAT Included