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front view of OCD bracelet on grey wood background

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Gemstone Bracelet

* 6mm genuine lepidolite, garnet, peridot, sodalite, & smoky quartz gemstones

* stretch bracelet

* Handmade (& reiki charged/cleansed) in the UK

* ready to gift


OCD is characterised by the presence of obsessions and/or compulsion. Obsessions are recurrent & persistent thoughts, urges, or images that are experienced as intrusive & unwanted, whereas compulsions are repetitive behaviours or mental acts that an individual feels driven to perform in response to an obsession or according to rules that must be applied rigidly.



* balances the emotions

* eases feelings of anxiety

* promotes peaceful mindset

* clears mental blocks

* calming sensation

* more intuitive & aware



* balancing

* restorative & revitalises energies

* alleviates emotional friction

* strengthens survival instincts

* promotes hope


* clears & directs negative emotions

* breaks mental cycles of addictions


* maintains calm & rational mind

* emotional balance

* soothes panic attacks

* enhances self-esteem, acceptance & trust

Smoky Quartz

* reduces fear, negativity & depression

* replaces calming energies

* relieves stress & anxiety exacerbated by OCD

* promotes positive thoughts & actions


** your bracelet will be cleansed and charged prior to being packaged for you**

** please keep this bracelet out of reach from very young children, as it may cause a choking hazard if placed in the mouth**

** all gemstones that I work with are natural and genuine, sometimes Mother Nature adds some tonal variation**

** this bracelet is not intended to replace medical aid, but rather as a complimentary aid that works with “western” medical help**

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