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The Healing Power of Azurite Malachite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Azurite Malachite is a stone that activates and unlocks our third eye and crown chakras, thereby linking the two.

It's known as one of the premier stones when it comes to accessing our own psychic abilities. It can assist you with lucid dreaming, astral projection, intuitive meditation, insight, and inner vision.

The Amazing Benefits of Azurite Malachite

If one has many dreams and often wonders what they mean, then this is the perfect stone for you! Azurite malachite can help enhance those very dreams and decode their imagery. Azurite malachite will raise one's mental awareness, intellect, and wisdom that can help you reach new goals and desires. This copper carbonate is all about the mind and will help in the cleansing and purging of negativity within it. Azurite malachite brings with it great clarity that can help in the disposing of negative thoughts, bad habits, and even addictions.

Azurite malachite also goes by the “stone of Heaven” due to its’ ability to aid in the pursuit of one’s heavenly self. On a metaphysical level, azurite malachite awakens psychic abilities whilst also helping you to recognise intuition and spiritual guidance when it occurs. Azurite malachite's ability to aid in clearing the mind and promoting deep introspection makes it a useful gemstone for meditation practices.

Azurite malachite is an effective healing stone when placed on the chakras. Placing this stone on your throat will help you get rid of speech problems, and placing it on your forehead will take you to another world by helping you establish an extrasensory connection. It is also advisable to rub the azurite to release its benefits. Indeed, it is called « friction stone », which will make you benefit from its positive energy by a simple friction. Azurite malachite helps to attract and develop positive energy, but at the same time absorbs and removes negative energy. Azurite malachite helps to regulate mental disorders and nervousness. Azurite malachite stone is beneficial during exam periods, for all people who are faced with a negotiation, or who have to conduct a presentation. It is the ideal stone to strengthen one’s career, especially in museums, libraries, universities, and places of learning in general. For example, people subject to stress, worry, anxiety or who do not have a clear conscience will feel relieved thanks to this stone. To remedy this kind of disorder, simply hold the stone in your hands and ask for release. Your negative or stressful thoughts will then be gone.


Planet – Jupiter/Uranus

Zodiac – Sagittarius

Elements – Wind

Chakras – Crown/Third Eye


Calming & Patience, Psychic Abilities, Self Confidence & Self Worth, Manifestation, Inner Vision, Communication with Guides, Decision Making, Kindness, Aura Balancing, Cosmic Awareness, Meditation, Clairvoyance

Final Thoughts...

Azurite malachite stone helps to free the brain from negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, fears, phobias, and will also help you to understand the reason for your malaise. Finally, you will be able to express yourself without blockage: those who talk a lot because of stress will be calmer, whereas those who dare not speak will be freed. People who have an excessive ego will be more inclined towards humility, generosity, and compassion towards others. This stone allows you to meditate, by placing it directly on your forehead. Moreover, it will help you to be clearer, and will improve honesty.


Kiri xx

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