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New Beginnings

With the start of Spring coming very soon, I started thinking about new beginnings and being able to see the light at the end of a very rough 10 months. A lot has changed during this period that has no doubt left a lasting impact on the future, which is something that in different ways and to different degrees, everyone has experienced.

This for me has led to using my knowledge of gemstone healing to create a bracelet thats not only wearable but that also aids in constantly encouraging a positive outlook on life. , especially in these challenging times. Whether welcoming a new member to your family, starting a new job, or like me starting a new chapter in life. New Beginnings bracelet is reiki cleansed with soothing gemstones of rose quartz, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, sunstone, and moss agate.

featuring bright happiness-inducing citrine, it's known as the Sunshine stone specifically because it encourages light & joy in your life.

Pyrite, with its natural heaviness, keeps you grounded to the moment, directs you good luck and wealth, and protects against negativity

Next up is the beautiful Madagascan Rose Quartz, encouraging love on all levels, increasing the heart chakra to open up to the possibilities of universal love and empathy - it also helps us to find reconciliation (see the perfect gemstone for a new beginning) and forgiveness of others.

The design ultimately had to include Clear Quartz, not only a master healing gemstone that amplifies intentions and energy from other gemstones but acts as a shield against negativity whilst strengthening the aura.

The final inclusion of gemstones for New Beginnings is peach Moonstone, a stone of new beginnings, moonstone encourages us to look introspectively at why we yearn for newness.

wishing you all, love and light in your new chapter!


Kiri - lepidolitemoon

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