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The Healing Properties of Dumortierite: A Closer Look at This Natural Gemstone's Benefits

Updated: May 10

Helps you to speak your mind, bringing patience and stamina especially to students.

close up of raw dumortierite on white background

Dumortierite develops a tolerance towards other people and aids us to embrace the virtue of patience. When you sleep or meditate with the stone it enlivens psychic embellishment. It regulates the third eye chakra and the crown chakra and is beneficial for people who do psychic or channelling work. It helps to achieve the target. It espouses explicit attitude and inculcates positive thoughts in us. It retains trust and ensures internal harmony. It acts as a protective shield against fear and panic attacks.

The Amazing Benefits of Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a very high vibrational stone that unlocks your third eye chakra, as well as activating unique psychic abilities. These abilities can range from simple actions such as remembering one’s dreams better, too lucid dreaming, astral projection, connection with higher realms, synchronicities, channeling, and even forms of ESP. Dumortierite’s powers raise one’s intuitive side, as well as their intellectual capacity. Simply carrying or wearing this stone will attune one to the higher knowledge they will soon be receiving. One major indication that Dumortierite’s powers have imbued you is the increase in your own personal memory, as well as your mind being able to retain and understand new information coming at you daily.

Emotionally, dumortierite brings quiet confidence. If there was one stone that we could choose to aid us in emotional healing and recovery, Dumortierite would definitely be one to consider. This is a stone to help bring healing to everything from a broken heart to anxiety and helps to calm excitability as well as stubbornness. It is excellent for promoting a positive attitude to life.

When it comes to increasing ones memory and mental capacity, Dumortierite will be the best stone you can get your hands on. We recommend this stone to anyone studying for tests who has a hard time holding onto the information in which they read. We suggest setting an intention into your Dumortierite piece and keeping it next to you as you study, as well as putting a piece in your pocket throughout the day to serve as a reminder of the mission you are on. Let the stone speak back to you and refresh your memory of all the ideas you’ve just recently absorbed. Most importantly, make sure you bring it the day of your test! Place your Dumortierite in front of you at your desk and allow it’s intuitive energy to be released and fill your entire environment. When the test is complete and your intention is fulfilled, its exceptionally vital to clear the stone of your old intention. Once done, this stone is ready to serve you once more and help keep you moving forward on your life path.


Planet – Saturn

Zodiac – Leo

Elements – Wind

Chakras – Third Eye


Peace of Mind, Intention Enhancement, Interdimensional Communication, Intuition, Knowledge, Life Path, Living in the Present Moment, Lucid Dreaming, meditation, Mental Enhancement, Opportunities, Insight, Psychic Abilities, Self-Discovery, Self-Discipline, Sense of Purpose, Spiritual Awakening, Synchronicity, Transformation, Wisdom, high Vibration, Bridging the Spiritual & Physical Worlds, Ascension, Astral Travel, Attunement, Attunement with Higher Realms, Channelling, Channelling & Grounding Higher Vibrations, Consciousness, Dreams, Enlightenment, Expansion, Expanded Awareness, Growth, Higher Self, Inner Vision

Final Thoughts...

Dumortierite is considered the stone of patience. It enhances your willpower when it comes to learning and helps you to speak your mind. It is beneficial for self-confidence, organizational abilities, shyness, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, detachment, patience, self-discipline, and mental clarity. It is said to attract a soulmate.


Kiri xx


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