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The Healing Power of Hemimorphite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hemimorphite brings self-confidence and spiritual growth whilst helping to detach from selfishness, ego and anger.

The energies of this crystal will boost your self-esteem. It will make you believe in what you can do and in what you can achieve. Hemimorphite is a Dispeller Unifier crystal because it’s very helpful when it comes to spiritual and mental problems. It will make your life more productive, more peaceful, and more enjoyable because the energies of this crystal will help you make all that possible.

The Amazing Benefits of Hemimorphite

activates and aligns the upper four chakras and is a stone known to heal the emotional body, enhance one's communication abilities, and assist in cleansing and balancing one's aura. This stone brings positive vibrations full of joy, happiness, and uplifting energy. It's the perfect stone to work with or carry when you're having a day where emotions may be overwhelming you.

Hemimorphite also enhances ones communicative abilities and helps soften the words you choose. Sometimes the words we pick may not be the best for the current situation or individuals in which we are speaking to. This stone is here to help one communicate their true feelings and help assist taking traumatic events or emotional grief off of one's chest. Once we are able to accept that we have these feelings, only then can we move forward and grow. Hemimorphite helps us move past difficult life events and offers up new beginnings and opportunities.

Hemimorphite is a great stone to use when trying to communicate with your partner or loved one. Along with helping choose the right words and tone, it also enables us to speak about how we truly feel. By encouraging loved ones to open up and be completely open with their significant other, only then can a functional relationship take place. This stone is THE stone to help with that. We even recommend passing a piece back in fourth when discussing sensitive topics or speaking after a recent argument.

Hemimorphite will work to ensure that your vibrational light energies are flowing within you and integrating with your personal energy fields. This crystal will open your consciousness so that you can communicate and commune with energies from the higher realm.

Hemimorphite’s energies will enhance your visionary experiences! It will promote inner strength and psychic visions. It will also help you understand different ancient healing methods. It will give you what you need so that you can better understand yourself, what you want to become, and where you want your life to go.

It will rid your life of fear, doubt, anxiety, and worry. This crystal will support you in getting rid of what cripples you or makes your life troubled.

This crystal will help you communicate your thoughts and express your emotions better. The energies that you can get from this crystal will encourage you to bring your truth out into the world! Hemimorphite is a wonderful source of energy and enthusiasm. If you need to focus, accomplish all your tasks for the day, and be productive, this should be your go-to stone.

It’s an excellent meditation tool because it will help you tune out the rest of the world and just listen to what your body, heart, and mind are telling you.The crystal’s vibrations will enlighten your mind and make you attuned to your spirit.


Planet – N/A

Zodiac – Libra

Elements – Storm

Chakras – Etheric/Third Eye/Throat/Heart


Channelling, Mediation, Psychic Abilities, Emotional Understanding, Astral Travel, Ascension, Empathy, Angelic Communication, Communication with Higher Realms, Communication with Guides, Interdimensional Communication, Manifestation, Abundance, Transformation, Attunement, Alignment with Higher Self, Living in the Present, Spiritual Awakening, Bridging the Spiritual & Physical Worlds, Nourishing & Rejuvenation

Final Thoughts...

Hemimorphite is an excellent crystal that will improve the state of your physical and emotional body. It will activate self-healing and unlock a higher state of awareness.


Kiri xx

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