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The Healing Power of Mookaite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Mookaite grounds your mind, heart, and soul down to a planetary level and helps one truly live in the moment. To do this, one must relinquish any and all ideas that do not deal with the “right now”.

These future emotions that we’re subconsciously manifesting take their toll on our bodies day in and day out. Fear, anxiety, loneliness, and depression are all common symptoms of failing to live in the present moment. Mookaite’s bold and bright natural colors are a reminder that beauty is all around you, including within.

The Amazing Benefits of Mookaite

Mookaite has energies that enrich one’s trust and love for Mother Earth and all of her beauty. One will find themselves more aware of nature and life around them, as well as developing a connection with the animals we see each day, both wild and domestic.

Use the energies and the lessons this stone offers (through deep meditation), and one will soon learn how to “stop and smell the roses”. This mentality will not only save your emotional body, but also give you the chance to grow each day, no matter the circumstances.

Good for grounding, dreamwork, moving forwards in life and building self-esteem. Mookaite has also been known to benefit those working through depression and fear and is the perfect aid to both beginners and those more experienced with meditation.


Planet – Earth

Zodiac – Leo

Elements – Fire/Earth

Chakras – Crown/Third Eye/Throat/Heart/Solar Plexus/Sacral/Root


Meditation, Power, physical Healing, Personal Will, Peace of Mind, Passion, Opportunities, Nurturing, New Beginnings, Motivation, Manifestation, Life Path, Leadership, Intuition, Inspiration, Spiritual Awakening, PTSD, Inner Vision, Sense of Purpose, Breaking Addictions, Emotional Understanding, Focus, Expanded Awareness, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Claiming Wholeness

Final Thoughts...

Gateway Crystals Mookaite is also a fantastic secondary crystal to aid in the opening of your solar plexus chakra. This gateway houses one of our most desirable traits as human beings, our own personal will and determination. When one has access (and control) over this part of their bodies, there is no limitation on what can be achieved in this world.


Kiri xx

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