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The Healing Power of Morganite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Morganite is one of the strongest heart stones that you can get your hands on. This special Beryl variety offers up pure love and compassionate energy.

The Amazing Benefits of Morganite

These powerful vibrations will fill one’s aura from head to toe with calming and relaxing energy. This stone is here to help open up and cleanse one’s heart space from constant negative weight. We must face the negative energy and move on from it.

The role of Morganite is to help one garner the courage and confidence to face these feelings. Simply being reminded of our heart’s power can help one realize the potential to love again. We highly recommend this stone to anyone who has gone through some sort of trauma.

Morganite is very good for helping to clear the mind, allowing one to focus on self-healing, rebirth, spiritual awakening, love and renewal. It also aids those needing to focus on negative behaviour patterns especially violent behaviours stemming from fast anger fuses.


Planet – Venus

Zodiac – Cancer

Elements – Water

Chakras – Heart


Selflessness, Purification, Resolution, Trauma, Travel, Anxiety Relief, Expanded Awareness, Grief & Mourning, Meditation, Love & Relationships

Final Thoughts...

Whether you’ve lost someone very close to you or are simply going through a rough break up, Morganite will become your best friend. Just holding this stone in times of distress will remind you of the inner strength that your heart possess.


Kiri xx

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