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The Healing Power of Peridot

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Peridot has widely been recognized for its ability to stimulate change between one’s heart and personal will.

The Amazing Benefits of Peridot

As our heart releases emotion each day, our sacral chakra is the point of the body that processes it all. Also known as our “second brain”, our gut helps one decipher unstable emotions that may be coming from your most vital organ. During this, a backlog of negative emotions may find themselves embedded in our core, thus causing one anxiety and daily discomfort. Peridot’s green rays facilitate the removal of these feelings through deep meditation and excessive breathing exercises.

When one begins to open themselves up to this ancient stone, they must be prepared to fully engage their physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. All three encompass who we really are, as well as the direction in which we're heading for. When one part of your own personal trinity becomes unbalanced, it can have a drastic effect on all your attributes. Your chakra column is very similar as well and will occasionally need to be realigned and adjusted. Peridot’s energies will offer protection through these personal experiences and help one readjust to the changes in their life.

Emotionally, peridot is good for enlightenment through meditation, helps with stress, anger, jealousy, depression, emotional blockages and lethargy bringing our attention to all of the things you have neglected both consciously and unconsciously. It sharpens the mind and opens it to new levels of awareness. With peridot by our side, we can admit to our mistakes and move forward, helping to take responsibility for our own life, especially if our belief is that the problem is someone else's fault.

Physically, it is believed to aid with (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn's Disease. Peridot can also benefit those seeking protection from outside influences, laziness and breaks in behaviour patterns or cycles.


Planet – Venus/Earth/Sun

Zodiac – Virgo/Leo/Scorpio

Elements – Earth

Chakras – Heart/Solar Plexus


Transformation, Love & Relationships, Physical Healing, Abundance, Prosperity, Alignment of Chakra, Self-Healing, Connection with Nature, Generosity, Chakra Cleansing

Final Thoughts...

Peridot aids us with healing through the release of old burdens, guilt and obsessions, teaching us how to detach ourselves from outside influences and to look to our own higher energies for guidance. Peridot assists us in understanding our destiny and spiritual purpose, and is particularly helpful to healers.


Kiri xx

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