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The Healing Power of Rhodonite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Rhodonite is a very strong stone that helps reduce and suppress anxiety.

Rhodonite healing properties help to encourage communication. Include rhodonite in your crystal collection to remind yourself to look at the positive side of life. Meditate with it to find your life’s true passion.

The Amazing Benefits of Rhodonite

This is a comforting stone that will “hold you” in times of need and can even be rubbed in times of distress. It will strengthen your heart and show you just how strong you can be, even in what you may think is your weakest environment. We recommend anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or lack of confidence to carry a piece on them daily.

Emotional: Rhodonite helps promote unconditional love through emotional healing. It clears the heart of pain. By bringing down walls that hold you back, it aids you to trust and open up again. Rhodonite is excellent at promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. It breaks down anything that has a negative impact on yourself.

As you start loving yourself more, you will be able to improve your confidence in your own talents. This helps you to become better equipped for life challenges as you set out to achieve your life goals. If you have any past emotional trauma in relationships, rhodonite can help you heal. This amazing relationship counsellor helps you build a healthy attitude in future bonds. You can use it to encourage understanding and compromise.

Although Rhodonite works mainly with your heart and root chakras, it also offers incredible psychic abilities. Rhodonite will enhance and offer clarity to one's inner experiences, whether it's during deep meditation sessions or just simply dreaming. Through this clarity, Rhodonite helps translate the imagery of these dreams, and brings them down to an earthly level to provide a path in which these “dreams” can be understood or achieved. It is recommended to put this stone in your pillowcase to stimulate these psychic abilities fully.

Physical: Although rhodonite mostly offers emotional and spiritual healing, holistic healers believe that it can bring physical healing. Its soft stimulating energy brings a boost to your life. Rhodonite is a stone that nurtures your strength and gifts. It is suitable for those who feel drained or tired.

Rhodonite can provide support to your cardiovascular system. It is connected to the heart and circulation. It sends energy to the endocrine system. It may help with stomach ulcers, digestion, and autoimmune diseases. Rhodonite aids scarring, insect bites, and enables the body to heal more efficiently.

Meditating with this crystal helps to clear bad habits and find your passion. Linked to the heart chakra, it can bring trust, compassion, and love to your life.

Rhodonite is different from other heart chakra stones such as amethyst. It has a gentle frequency that is strong enough to help those who are heartbroken. It serves as a reminder that pain is temporary. Once the storm blows over, the sun is ready to come out again. Rhodonite clears blockages of the heart chakra to find harmony.

The darker patches on the rhodonite gemstone resonate with the root chakra. By balancing the root chakra, we become more rooted and grounded. This helps you to feel stable and secure. A stone of deep love, rhodonite is a crystal that brings joy and energy. It brings positive energy and light into your life.

As it helps the heart grow bigger, you open yourself to all possibilities. This gemstone is great to calm frayed nerves. It replaces negative emotions with positive ones. Using this stone encourages feelings of stability and self-love. Meditate with rhodonite to infuse yourself with strong vibrations of love.


Planet – Mars/Venus

Zodiac – Taurus/Leo/Sagittarius

Elements – Fire/Earth

Chakras – Heart/Root


Soothing, Calming & Patience, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, Love & Relationships, Confidence, Empathy, Stress Relief, Gentle Self- Expression, Compassion, Generosity, Anxiety Relief, Dispelling Negative Energy, Lucid Dreaming, Grief & Mourning

Final Thoughts...

Rhodonite is a healing crystal that helps relationships heal. It encourages communication and optimism. Like pink glasses, it helps you to see the beautiful things in life no matter how bad the situation is.


Kiri xx

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