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Unlocking Your Inner Energy: A Mini Series on Chakras

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Our first mini series focuses on our chakras. So, what are they? How many chakras are there? Why are they important? What are some of the best gemstones for each chakra?

Let's take a brief stroll through these questions, and then keep the series going with a stronger focus on each individual chakra. It is completely normal for our chakras to slip out of alignment or become blocked - this is all just a part of the human experience. This doesn’t mean that we have to simply stay blocked but that we find our own practices that encourage us to listen to our bodies and minds and to do what we can to bring ourselves back into harmony.

What are chakras?

Healing crystals are a simple and effective ancient method of doing just that. By wearing a crystal that connects to the chakra or placing a corresponding gemstone on the chakra point you are setting an intention for cleansing the chakra and you are bringing those healing vibrations into your body.

What is your relationship to your chakras? Do you feel open and aligned or do you hold awareness for where there may be blockages? Which healing stones call to you to help bring your physical body, emotional mind, and gorgeous soul into alignment? Share all your thoughts about the chakras and crystal therapy with us in the comments.

chakra chart

From root to the crown - there are seven points scattered across our body that are a major highway for energy to flow. These seven spaces are called chakras and through these, we receive and send out all kinds of emotional, spiritual, and physical energy. The aim is to have all the seven chakra points open and unblocked so we can stand in balance, be open to opportunity, and make sure we are thriving and living a life of our highest potential.

For thousands of years, healing crystals have assisted in keeping chakras cleansed and clear for all that energy to flow. As we have spent years immersed in the world of crystals, we have plenty of prior knowledge as to which crystals can work the best in harmony with each individual chakra. Here, we introduce each of the seven chakras and give you a choice of crystals that can help those areas shake loose any stagnant energy and heal.

The root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. These are the seven energy points in the body that make up the chakras. The term chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for wheel. Perhaps a simple way of looking at chakras is to consider them similar to satellites - they pick up signals from the universe and transmute those messages to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

As we are forever absorbing information, energies, and messages, some of our chakras can become blocked over time. When our chakras are blocked this can interrupt the flow of energy and can lead to an imbalance in our system which can have a negative effect on our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Crystals can be super effective at helping to clear our blockages and bring us back into alignment as they have unique vibrational energy that can shift things around inside and charge our own systems to find a clear and full flush once more. Not only do crystals actively get to work on clearing blocks but they also help you to live intentionally and to reconnect to your body, mind, and soul and hold space for your sense of wellbeing and the wonders of the universe. Pain and trauma and negative energy can all course through our body alongside joy and depth and understanding too. Crystals can help us to spring clean these systems and to make sure that we keep our inner house in harmony.

There are several ways you can use chakra crystals to cleanse your system…

  • Wearing crystal jewelry - having stones in direct contact with the skin is one of the easiest and most effective ways for those healing vibrations to get to work on the chakras.

  • Meditating with crystals - placing a corresponding crystal on the chakra area that feels blocked and letting yourself fall into a mindful meditation practice can be a powerful way of intentionally clearing that space.

  • Sleeping with crystals - pop the crystal of choice beneath your pillow when you sleep and let the powerful vibrations seep through as you set yourself up with subconscious intention.

In our next post, we'll take a look into the crown chakra, which crystals are associated with aiding in keeping it open and unblocked for us.

blog sign off with the words "namaste, Kiri xx"

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