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6 Tips for Maintaining the Health of Your LepidoliteMoon Bracelet

Updated: May 11

line of 11 crystal lepidolitemoon bracelets, features green aventurine, rhodonite, peach moonstone, lepidolite and labradorite

Before leaving the LepidoliteMoon studio, I cleanse your completed bracelet with positive reiki energy and allow it to relax in my selenite bowl all so it starts its journey to you without any built up energy but how can you keep your new bracelet feeling its healthiest & strongest...

First things first

Lets start with the basics, which is how to put on/take off your stretch bracelet without causing damage to either yourself or the bracelet, cause lets face it no-one's happy when their bracelet snaps and the crystals/gemstones go flying everywhere right?

So, how do we do this without having a case of flying crystals. Basically, place the unstretched lepidolitemoon bracelet over your fingers & without stretching the bracelet, gently roll the bracelet up the hand & onto the wrist. To remove, simply follow the same directions but roll the bracelet back down your hand towards your fingertips. Just a reminder that overstretching your bracelet will place undue pressure on the elastic causing it to become weak and snap which nobody wants to happen.

6 ways to cleanse and keep your crystal lepidolitemoon bracelet healthy

At least once a month, remove built-up & stagnant energy by cleanse your LepidoliteMoon bracelet by any of the following 6 methods, the majority of them take very little time & extra items.

1) Selenite ~ this is by far one of the easiest ways especially as all LepidoliteMoon bracelets are sent with a piece of selenite. Selenite is a powerful crystal for cleansing & purifying built up energy, constantly radiating divine light & absorbs toxic negative energy, transmuting it back into light. It also magnifies the energy of any crystal placed on top of it. Place your gemstone bracelet on top of your selenite for 4 hours or more.

Selenite is a water-soluble crystal. Please make sure to never get it wet. Selenite never needs to be ''cleansed', but if you feel the need to, use the smoke from sage to cleanse the selenite's energy. Charging selenite under a full moon will also help amplify the selenite's healing energy

2) Smudging ~ rooted deeply in the spiritual ceremonies of Shamans & Native Americans, white sage is believed to be able to to carry away & clear negative energies. For your bracelet, you can use smudging sticks to help neutralise negative energies that your crystals have absorbed whilst aiding you in your spiritual/emotional or physical journey...with practice you can develop your own way of using smudging sticks to relax & be guided by the absence of thoughts (incense sticks can also be used in place of smudge sticks to stay neutral from cultural appropriation)


light the tip of your chosen smudge stick & allow it to smoulder - usually laid within an abalone or scallop shell which represent water, the smouldering smoke is typically wafted with a "found" feather to represent the wind. Once smouldering, your crystals/bracelet can be passed through the smoke a couple of times (don't rush this process, allow your mind to clear & be still). As an added benefit, the smoke that fills the room you are in will also be cleansed.

3) Water ~ hold your bracelet under cold running water for approximately 2-3 minutes although this can be done for longer if needed, simply keep your bracelet under the running water until you can feel its energy is lighter & clearer (this may take some practice to learn how to feel the energy of your bracelet).

4) Salt or Salt Water ~ fill a bowl with pure sea salt, place your bracelet on top & cover with a cotton cloth & leave over night. DO NOT bury your bracelet in the salt as this may cause scratches & other damage to the crystals.

If you have access to fresh salt water you can easily cleanse your bracelet by submerging it in a bowl of salt water (a tablespoon of sea salt in water will work just as well) for 24-48 hours.

selenite crystal info guide

N.B. this is especially important when dealing with softer & porous crystals that this method is not followed as water can cause structural damage - see photo for more info on which ones to not use with water.

5) Full Moon ~ moonlight is one of the easiest & cheapest options for cleansing your crystals as this can be done whilst you're sleeping, simply by placing your bracelet in direct view of the moonlight where it can gain the most exposure (this is where the full moon is best) allow it to absorb the cleansing feminine energies of the moon.

6) Sunlight ~ although not always the easiest to work with depending on the seasons as well as weather conditions, it is believed to work equally as well as cleansing in moonlight although with the sunlight or UV rays being stronger, this option may be more damaging than moonlight in the long run. It's always best to keep an eye on your bracelet if opting for this method.

So, tell us in the comments, have you tried any of these options for cleansing your bracelet or are any of them calling to you for your next energy cleansing session?

blog post sign off with words " namaste, Kiri xx"

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