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Unlocking the Healing Potential: The Mystical Power of Unakite Gemstone

Updated: May 11

a group of nine different sized unakite towers on a mixed background of wood and greenery

The Amazing Benefits of Unakite

Unakite has a special connection with one’s heart and aids in the deeper understanding of their emotional body. Simply meditating with this stone will help push out those “dead weight” feelings we continue to carry with us. These emotions serve no positive purpose and are taking up your heart occupying space.

Unakite helps one push through these hardships no matter the emotional pain and allows one to truly find inner peace. This crystal has a soft touch and will keep you comfortable even when dealing with the most painful emotions. It’s a powerful transformation talisman that is here to not only strengthen your heart, but also bridge the gap where new opportunities await!

  • Creates emotional balance

  • Stimulates compassion and empathy

  • Encourages gratitude

  • Promotes spiritual ascension

  • Helps you establish a connection with nature (especially with the plant kingdom)

  • Balances chakra energy

  • Creates a connection to the divine feminine

  • Instills determination

  • Facilitates feelings of love and friendship

  • Disintegrates negative energy and replaces it with positive energy

  • Aids in removing energetic contributors to associated with neurological disorders

  • Helps to calm the nervous system (especially when you’re experiencing anxiety or a great deal of stress)

Unakite stone brings lightness to our beings and assists us in finding inner peace and calm. It has a powerful transformational energy, if you are dealing with pain and hardship then use this stone in meditation to unearth that which no longer serves you.

group of 20 polished unakite tumbles on a white background


Planet – Earth

Zodiac – Scorpio

Elements – Earth

Chakras – Heart


Self-Love, Expanded Awareness, Energy Transfer, Empathy, Fertility & Pregnancy, Inner Peace, Inner Vision, Mental Enhancement, Peace of Mind, Joy & Passion, PTSD, Anxiety Relief, Calming & Patience, Emotional Understanding, Claiming Wholeness, Spiritual Awakening, Self-Discovery, Self-Healing, Wisdom

Final Thoughts...

If you struggle with depression, insomnia or addiction issues then this is absolutely a stone you should have in your life.


Kiri xx


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