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3 Ways To Manifest Love

"If you have a positive frame of mind, you can manifest positive things in your life"

Do you know what the #1 thing that people want to manifest is? if you said love then you're correct...the title was a slight giveaway though right!!

As we enter into February, otherwise known as the month of love, the idea of manifesting love into our lives comes more to the front of our minds with that being said, many ask 'how do I bring more love into my life?', 'what is manifestation and how do I manifest?'.

what is manifestation?

"whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside"

Put simply, manifestation is the act of intentionally creating your reality through your beliefs and actions, so while the laws of magick/the universe say that we shouldn't use manifestation to make others fall madly and deeply in love with us, we can manifest a stronger love that already exists or even better, we can manifest a deeper love ourselves which is where we'll focus today. manifestation plays on the idea that our entire universe is created from energy and if we focus our thoughts

How to manifest

"love yourself as much as you want your soulmate to love you" - Elizabeth Daniels

The 3 possibly easiest and simplest ways to manifest anything in life are

  1. through affirmations

  2. the 3/6/9 method

  3. the pillow method


the first thing is to find your chosen affirmation, some good ones that focus on loving yourself are:







or if these ones aren't speaking to you, there's lots more that you can find and choose from.

Write your chosen positive affirmation on a piece of paper and keep it in a visible place like by your mirror or keep it on your phone as your lock screen or screen saver. Remember to look at your chosen affirmation throughout the day (and before bed) repeating your affirmation at least 3x before moving on with your day.

the 3/6/9 method

This method of manifestation works in all areas of your life, and in a broad sense, this is due to numerology where 3 directly connects us to universal source energy, 6 represents internal strength, finance and the material world and 9 represents love, faith, enlightenment and alleviating self-doubt - by tapping into 3/6/9 your manifestations are given a boost.

There are two options to choose from if choosing to use this highly successful method, the first thing you’ve got to do is set clear intentions. What is it that you wish to manifest? Once you have a clear vision of your desire, write it down three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times at night. This ritual should continue for 45 days,”

Another way the 369 method can be used is to write the name of what you want three times, write the intention six times and write the action nine times. The more specific you are with your choices, the better. You can end with some positive affirmations such as ‘I am loved, I am worthy, I am a magnet for abundance’.” using language like ‘I have’ rather than ‘I want’ as I want’ keeps your dreams in the perpetual future.

the pillow method

this method is one of the more easy of the three, whereby you write your intention on a piece of paper (remember the above points about using language like "I have" then tuck it under your pillow. every night, take out your piece of paper, taking the time to re-read your intention, remember to spend a couple of minutes focussing on your intention before falling asleep and finally tuck your intention back under your pillow.

Manifesting love

there are many ways that you can manifest love, practicing self-love by being kind to yourself both with your words and actions, taking some me time is always important, this can done just with a few minutes a day internally thanking yourself for all the good you've achieved whether spiritually or materially or even taking a relaxing bath to unwind let go of the days stress'. Spend some time visualising the future that you want to have, are you happier/healthier/wealthier? focus on your wants remembering to change them into "I have's", create a list of qualities that describe your future - watch your words!!, create a dream board with images and words of all the things that represent how you want your future to look, practice repeating daily affirmations or surround yourself with all things positive and most importantly remember...

"maybe right now you're not supposed to be in a relationship with anyone else but yourself. Maybe this is your time for you & you're supposed to be enjoying it for exactly what it is - your time, for you"

Let me know, have you tried any of these methods? would you consider trying any of them in the future? have you seen our new manifestation bracelets

Love and light this valentine's/Galentine's month..

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