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The Healing Power of Phosphosiderite

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Opening to divine love & the realm of spirit; heart opening; clearing the mental & emotional bodies; connecting the mind & heart; the dreamy lavender-pink color is soothing emotionally & mentally.

Phosphosiderite possesses a tranquil vibration to pacify the mind, and alleviate anxiety.

The Amazing Benefits of Phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite is a headstrong, self-confident, and self-sufficient gemstone that promotes one’s masculine, assertive and powerful energies (i.e., assertiveness/bold/direct). Helps one to feel more confident about their work and providing the courage to carry out necessary tasks.

Helps on to connect with other realms/planes of existence (i.e., the afterlife), stimulates communication with higher levels of consciousness. Supports the use of imagination to create new worlds/envision new possibilities for our own world.

Possesses an intense focus on the deeper aspects of life, reveals hidden lessons and opens the eyes to the truth beyond the physical eyes. Stimulates insight into problems standing in the way of one’s happiness/success. It's one of the best stones for past life work as it's one of the few that activate both the soul star and crown chakras, connecting you to source and accelerating your spiritual ascension.

Phosphosiderite opens and activates the heart chakra, however, unlike other heart chakra crystals, phosphosiderite is potent with energy that connects you to your spirit guides and angels, helping you to uncover knowledge of your past incarnations in a way that other crystals can’t.

Meditating with phosphosiderite? keep a journal nearby so you can note down any images and/or memories that surface. A natural stress reliever, meditating with this stone offers our minds a welcome respite and a sense of peaceful relief.

This purple gem is a multitasker by definition, working in conjunction with the Third Eye Chakra to open us to our spiritual selves and our spirit guides, and also with the Heart Chakra to give us the courage to heal from past wounds and be receptive to love.

Phosphosiderite emits nurturing energy that resonates with all the Chakras, as it gently works to raise our vibration to make us the happiest, healthiest, most at-peace versions of ourselves.


Planet – N/A

Zodiac – Virgo

Elements – Water/Air

Chakras – Soul Star/Crown/Third Eye/Heart


Emotional Healing, Creativity, Intuition, Transformation, Protection, Confidence, Leadership, Insight, Prosperity, Expanded Awareness, Self-Healing, Transmutation of Negative Energies, Self-Discipline, Hope, Peace of Mind, Stress Relief, Clairaudience, Connecting with Higher Realms, Meditation, Past Life Recall

Final Thoughts...

If you're ready to free yourself from the limits of your past and reach your true potential, then phosphosiderite is a strongly recommended stone to add.


Kiri xx

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