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Unlocking Inner Peace: 4 Crystal Rituals for Soothing Anxiety

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When you're feeling anxious, it can be a huge challenge to find calm and peace in our modern world! If you struggle with anxiety, you know all too well how difficult it can be to find peace and tranquility in our modern world. But let me ask you this: have you ever looked into using crystals as a tool in the process of reducing anxiety? Today, we will take a look at some basic crystal healing steps that you can take to help create a more balanced and harmonious life!

Crystals have been prized for their restorative qualities for ages, and many people believe that they possess a soothing energy that can assist in bringing the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of one's being into alignment with one another. If you are experiencing feelings of exhaustion and anxiety, including crystals in your daily routine may be a straightforward and efficient method to achieve some much-needed reduction in symptoms!


Let’s talk about four of the basic methods that we like to recommend for people just getting started in this space. Try them out and keep an open mind!


Practice your meditation with crystals! We all know the benefits of meditation nowadays! But incorporating crystals into your meditation practice can add another dimension of healing energy to the process, making it an even more effective method for lowering anxiety! Crystals are known to have a wide variety of healing properties, so the combinations and experiments that you can practice are almost endless!


During your meditation, take a deep breath and think about which crystal you would like to incorporate. See if you are drawn to a particular stone. Let your intuition guide you, or just experiment—there are no wrong answers here! What works for you might not work for me, so have fun with it! A crystal that has a calming effect may be the best place to start, such as amethyst or rose quartz. After you choose the crystal, keep it in the palm of your hand or rest it on your chest. Focus on your breath, relax your mind, and concentrate on the energy of your chosen crystal. Allow it to assist you in lowering your anxiety and increasing your peace of mind during your meditation.

Take One With You!

Take a relaxing crystal with you wherever you go! I know this sounds simple, but seriously! Give it a try! There are numerous crystals with tranquil and soothing energies, such as amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, and so many more. Try some experiments, what do you have to lose!? Simply carry one of these crystals with you throughout your day; it could be in your pocket, handbag, or as a piece of jewelry! The placement does not matter as much as just having the crystal in your possession and letting its calming energy bring a sense of stability and grounding to our hectic lives! Like we said earlier, experiment with different stones and placements and see what works for you! If you notice the positive effects, you can expand to keeping a crystal in your desk or car, depending on where you need it most!

Crystal Bath:

Take some time for yourself and enjoy a crystal bath! If you are just having ‘one of those weeks’ that feels extra stressful, try this method out! It can be a great way to add another level of calm and self-care to those tough days we all have!


Fill your bathtub like you normally would, place a few calming crystals around the bath, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and light a mellow-scented candle. Dim the lights, play some ambient music, or whatever it takes! This is all about you! This is all about taking some time for yourself and letting the crystals add another layer to the experience! As you are in the tub, focus on your breath and try to clear your mind. Allow yourself to enter a deep state of relaxation and watch the sense of calm it will bring you!

Crystal Grids:

Using crystal grids for anxiety A crystal grid is a sacred area that is formed by arranging crystals in a certain pattern to create a beneficial effect. If you suffer from anxiety, constructing a crystal grid may be a good way to help you feel more at ease in your surroundings.


To begin making your own crystal grid, select a few crystals with a relaxing energy, such as amethyst or rose quartz. You can find a bunch of resources online, and I would recommend starting with a simple pattern at first! Arrange the crystals in a formation that seems right to you (there are many different patterns to choose from). Spend some time each day connecting with the energy of the crystals and concentrating on your breath. You can do this by positioning the grid in an area where you will be able to see it frequently, such as on your altar or by your bedside.


Incorporating crystals into your daily routine can be a simple and effective way to find some much-needed peace and reduce anxiety. Whether you carry a calming crystal with you, use crystals in a crystal bath, create a crystal grid, or meditate with crystals, the key is to find a ritual that resonates with you and make it a consistent part of your daily practice. With time and consistent effort, you'll start to feel the positive effects of the crystals on your overall well-being and sense of calm. I challenge you to get out there and implement one of these methods, starting today!

blog sign off with the words "namaste, Kiri xx"

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